What is Digital Marketing And How SEO works?
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What is SEO and Digital Marketing

What is SEO or Digital Marketing?

SEO is the backend keyword optimisation of your website and It’s promotion over internet, this work that goes into your website to show the search engines that you are the best answer when someone is searching for your product category and services. It is the process of making your website come up in search engines “searches” and your business as visible and as prominent as possible in a search engine’s results.

Since 81% of purchases begin with online market search on mobiles, prospective buyers usually search online for products before they move out to market physically or purchase online after getting prior information of Products Prices, comparisons,  and trustworthy views.

Over the period , Mobile search marketing spend to increased by 1400% by year 2020.

Be there on top or your business is lost.

The Process of Search Engine Searches

    1. The Search bots or crawlers visit your website, reads your online data, source code and content.
    2. The data is sent back to search engine algorithms
    3. The Algorithms then checks with many factors like relevancy, credibility and Authority (PA & DA) of the website
    4. Search Engines are strict when it comes to content  and presentation of the data. They penalise the unnatural or bloated links and stuffing of keywords
    5. The content should be natural and Industry specific.
    6. The blogs should give out good content matter and should be well written.
    7. Who knows your business better than you, nobody can write as good as you cam , as you know your product better. Good option is you should give out points to the content writer who would do the needful
    8. Be precise on content and be aware there are no cutting corners.
    9. Remember significant movement of the keywords takes 2-4 Months, So have patience.
    10. Expect First page positions within 5th or 6th Month.


  • 98% of all Search start with a GOOGLE search engine
  • 97% of us use the internet to research a local service or product
  • 95% of users don’t bother looking past the 1st Page of results
  • 80% of clicks go to organic search results
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews
  • Not being in 1st Page is, business inquiry is lost to competition
  • 67k searches are performed on Google every second
  • 39% of all global ecommerce traffic comes from search
  • 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine
  • Nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads in search results
  • 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020
  • 58% of searches come from mobile
  • 97% of page-one results have at least one image on the page
  • 46% of all Google searches are local


Are there any Hidden Charges

No, there is no management fee. 100% of the spend goes towards the campaign.

How much time is good for better results

First Months are always crucial as most of the work goes in this month, Onpage Optimisation , Speed, Keywords, Meta Tags are properly configured. 2nd and 3rd Month you will see a significant amount of movement. Then you shall move up in search engines within 6 months.

So don’t think bailing off if you see go0d results within 2 or 3 month, because just there is an improvement doesn’t mean you should stop working over it.

What are SEO Charges

Payments are Quarterly based, but we can charge you Monthly, Bimonthly or full 6 month if needed but with some clauses.  SEO Charges are not specific for all, it changes as per the keywords , its competition, keyword difficulty , Projection Area.

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