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 SEO is the backend keyword optimisation of your website and It’s promotion over internet, this work that goes into your website to show the search engines that you are the best answer when someone is searching for your product category and services.

It is the process of making your website come up in search engines “searches” and your business as visible and as prominent as possible in a search engine’s results.

Since 81% of purchases begin with online market search on mobiles, prospective buyers usually search online for products before they move out to market physically or purchase online after getting prior information of Products Prices, comparisons,  and trustworthy views.

Over the period , Mobile search marketing spend to increase by 1400% by year 2020. Be there on top or your business is lost.



  1. The Search bots or crawlers visit your website, reads your online data, source code and content.
  2. The data is sent back to search engine algorithms
  3. The Algorithms then checks with many factors like relevancy, credibility and Authority (PA & DA) of the website
  4. Search Engines are strict when it comes to content  and presentation of the data. They penalise the unnatural or bloated links and stuffing of keywords
  5. The content should be natural and Industry specific.
  6. The blogs should give out good content matter and should be well written.
  7. Who knows your business better than you, nobody can write as good as you cam , as you know your product better. Good option is you should give out points to the content writer who would do the needful
  8. Be precise on content and be aware there are no cutting corners.
  9. Remember significant movement of the keywords takes 2-4 Months, So have patience.
  10. Expect First page positions within 5th or 6th Month.

While working I found that some of the clients with whom I was discussing the SEO, knew or understood very little about SEO. Their knowledge had come from word of mouth of previous users, some rumours, a sales and marketing patter from unscrupulous companies, and online articles presenting baseless opinion as fact. Many clients had already wasted large amounts of time, money, or both on ineffective SEO that was destined to fail from the start. If they’d only known the basics, they would have been, able to see this.

Let me give you first-hand account with my client. I had one manufacturing client who wanted to get sales leads and brand visibility, and he ran a Facebook Campaign without any planning just on the basis of a newbie who had joined his company with maybe some knowledge but with less experience. They were simply posting information and paying for post likes only, whereas the whole talk was about getting sales leads. Means they were paying for likes not for the ads hence the whole process was going to be futile and the time and money put in went waste.

And I on other had been working on SEO and Branding Work, for them for the last 3 months or so and which now were ranking quite promising and most of the short and long-tail words were ranking better than before.

Although there was quite a good volume of visitors was there but None of client or very few clients left any query.



 If you’ve spent much time in SEO or digital marketing, I’m sure you’re familiar with user intent. When someone types in a query with a specific goal in mind, that goal is their user intent.

The issue which I found was that the product was not a regular product but a luxury item affordable to quite a few elite class people. Hence the sales couldn’t be performed on the E-commerce but Request for Quote could have been a possibility since the client was not selling it on retail but delivering in wholesale (Minimum Quantity of 5, 10, 20, 100).

This concluded, in a nutshell, that they need is to rework their Ecommerce Process and should aim at Wholesale business  and targeted areas only, which will deliver a small number of visitors but paying or genuine sales.



The key to competing, winning, and dominating in this “Digital Environment” is wisely choosing to fight the markets you know that you can win, and giving this work the priority it deserves. The great thing about Search Engine Optimisation is that those who promote their websites most effectively will win, no matter their company size. But those who think that they can outrank established competitors. It’s all about getting ahead with right ingredients of SEO and time tested routines.



 Remember, SEO can get you on top and get visitors, but lead generation is another thing that needs a meticulous thought process and sometime strategic workings with paid advertising.

Yes, I did failed to get the results in first month even I had put in lots of effort but I had to wait. Next month there were some movements in rankings, my hard work was showing promising result.



 I was, but amazed at questioning my own work sometimes like when clients’ SEO Process was not up to the mark. Using Japanese KANBEN Work flow Process made my working easy to understand and where we were lacking.

If you don’t know KANBEN, let me enlighten you that , Kanban is a workflow management method designed to help you visualize your work, maximize efficiency, and be agile. From Japanese, kanban is literally translated as billboard or signboard. Originating from manufacturing, it later became a territory claimed by agile software development teams.

To work as a team when something is not going well, the brainstorming and new ideas. One of Kanban’s main advantages is that it requires teams to focus on their current tasks until they are done. This is possible, thanks to the concept of limiting work in progress.

My Work was to Question our own working and where we were missing or the big “WHY” and resulting into find the root of the problem worked like a charm and we were able to pinpoint the issue and resolve in no time.


  • 98% of all Search start with a GOOGLE search engine
  • 97% of us use the internet to research a local service or product
  • 95% of users don’t bother looking past the 1st Page of results
  • 80% of clicks go to organic search results
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews
  • Not being in 1st Page is, business inquiry is lost to competition
  • 67k searches are performed on Google every second
  • 39% of all global ecommerce traffic comes from search
  • 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine
  • Nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads in search results
  • 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020
  • 58% of searches come from mobile
  • 97% of page-one results have at least one image on the page
  • 46% of all Google searches are local


Are there any Hidden Charges

No, there is no management fee. 100% of the spend goes towards the campaign.

How much time is good for better results


The first Months are always crucial as most of the work goes in this month, Onpage Optimisation, Speed, Keywords, Meta Tags are properly configured.

2nd and 3rd Months you will see a significant amount of movement in Keywords. Then you shall move up in search engines within 6 months with a good ranking.

So don’t even think of bailing off if you see good results within 2 or 3 months, because just there is an improvement doesn’t mean you should stop working over it.

What are SEO Charges

Payments are Quarterly based, but we can charge you Monthly, Bi-monthly, or full 6 months if needed but with some clauses.  SEO Charges are not specific for all, it changes as per the keywords, its competition, keyword difficulty, Projection Area.

  • From INR 650 Perword to 1500 Perword can be the charges towards SEO Campaign.
  • Minimum keywords: 10
  • Minimum time -3 (is minimum) to 6 (Six is Better)
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